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Payment Notice
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Room Name: Retro Style Double Room
Tariff Information: 3800 2080 1780 680
Guests Per Room: 2Persons (Standard Number of Person Per Room) Accommodation Style: Suite
Included Meals: Breakfast
Room Facility: Bathroom kits,hair dryer,television,cable TV,refrigerator,air conditioner,wireless internet,internet
Guest Room Profile: Toiletry:Tsaio circaea shampoo and liquid soap, hand towel, and bath towel.
Amenities:Slip-resistant disposable sandals, floor mat, cloth hangers wrapped in fleece.
Tea and coffee:Mineral water, coffee and tea bags. Water boiler.
Amenities in the Room:32" LCD TV, freezer, elegant shower room, stand-alone air conditioning, hair dryer, 110V outlet, line-based Internet access.(Due to the space in the room, 27" LCD TV is installed in some rooms.)
※In the Hall on the 7th floor, there is a leisure space with table football, ice, hot water, coffee and tea bags, coin-operated washing and drying machines for the visitors. (Please ask at the counter for the washing powder)
※Due to ecological reasons, we do not offer actively disposable personal hygiene products such like toothbrush and shaving machines. If you need these products please ask at the counter.

※During the first 6 days of the Chinese New Year, breakfast is not offered, and the check-in time is at 16:00, while the check-out time is at 11:00.
Details for Booking a Room
【Definition of Weekdays and Holidays】
  • Weekdays: Sunday to Thursday. Holidays: Friday, Saturday and National Holidays.
  • Weekdays during the Summer Vacations: Sunday to Thursday, from July 1st to August 31st
  • Holidays during the Summer Vacations: Fridays and Saturdays, from July 1st to August 31st
  • Consecutive Holidays: National holidays or other consecutive holidays such like Dragon Boat Festival.
  • During Chinese New Year and other consecutive holidays, there will be 10% service charge besides of the established room price.
  • Should there be any kind of changes and modifications about the definition for weekdays and holidays, please see notice at the counter.

【Check-in and Check-out Time】
  • Check-in time: After 15:00 in the afternoon. (In case of early arrival, the luggage can be deposited in the Management Room)
  • Check-out time: Before 12:00 at noon.

【How to Book a Room】
  1. Please call to confirm or book in advance.
  2. Once the confirmation is done by phone, please wire the payment within 3 days of booking. If the payment is not received during this time, the reservation will be cancelled without further advice.
  3. Once the wire transfer is done, please be sure to advice by phone or e-mail. Our telephone number: 06-2221766, E-mail:【2221766@gmail.com】
  4. After we receive the payment for the room, we will book it for you. The rest of payment will be made upon arrival.

【Information for Wire Transfer. Wire Transfer by ATM.】
  • Receiving Bank: Land Bank of Taiwan-North Tainan Branch
    Banki Code: 005. Account: 062-001-02283-6 Account Name: Lai Chi Te Hostel Co. Ltd.
  • Please do call to confirm after making wire transfer. (Tel: 06-2221766)

  • Breakfast is included. (If you stay on promotion programs, the detail of the stay depends on each promotion.)
  • Pets are prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all the hostel. (Please smoke outside), as well as chewing betel nuts and gambling.
  • When check in, please provide your passport, ID card or Health Insurance card for registration.
  • Please do not damage the decoration and amenity in the room or take it away. If you need anything in special, you can ask in the counter for its purchase.
  • No providing free parking service. Visitors can park their vehicles at the parking spaces around the Simen roundabout . The charging time is from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., at a fee of 20NT$ per hour.
  • The Hotel has a washing machine.(NT$50/each)(Soap powder offers at the front-desk.)

【Extension and Refund】
    The following provisions are established according to the regulations of Fair Trade Commission:
  • If the visitor wants to change check-in date after making the wire transfer, please call 7 days before to advise the delayed check-in date. The change of date is limited to one time only.
  • When you change your check-in date, if you stay in a different kind of room, or there is a difference between the prices for low season and high one, the visitor should reimburse for the difference of the price. If you want to cancel the reservation after your postponement, the cancellation fee will be based on the original check-in date.
  • After the wire transfer is done, if the reservation is to be cancelled ( including changes to book for less days and/or rooms), you can proceed with the following schedule:
  • Cancelling Reservation:
    ◎Cancellation refund will be proceeded as the following:
    1. For cancellation 14 days before the check-in date no procedure fee will be required, but a wiring transfer fee will be charged.
    2. For cancellation 10 days before the check-in date, a 15% of the room rate will be discounted as the procedure fee.
    3. For cancellation 7 days before the check-in date, a 30% of the room rate will be discounted as the procedure fee.
    4. For cancellation 4 days before the check-in date, a 50% of the room rate will be discounted as the procedure fee.
    5. For cancellation 1 days before the check-in date, a 70% of the room rate will be discounted as the procedure fee.
    6. No cancellation is accepted on the check-in date.
    7. If the visitor does not check in on the booked date, the room will be considered as taken and there will be no refund for the amount paid.

  • If the refund needs to be wired to a bank account, a fee of 100 NT$ will be charged.
  • If no advice or late advice is made about the change of check-in date on the booked check-in date, no refund or changed of date will be accepted.
  • If there is typhoon, earthquake or other events of force majeure according to the local government public notice, the full amount of the deposit can be refunded or the reservation can be extended to up to 6 months. (A fee of 100NT$ will be discounted when wiring back the deposit to a bank account.)

~If you want to make your reservation or have further inquiry, please advice Hostel Lai Chi Te. The telephone number is 06-2221766.~
Hostel Lai Chi Te is connected to the Mincyuan Police Station (Tel: 06-2223002) all day long, guaranteeing your safety as well as the comfort for your stay.
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