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Transportation to Lai Chi Te Hostel

Located in the alleys next to Tainan's Simen Roundabout, Lai Chi Te can be accessed from the quiet alley next to Yuejin Savoury Congee on the roundabout, or from the alley under the signs of Lai Chi Te Hostel and Chikan Barber Store by the Chunghwa Post office on the Section 2 of Simen Road.

How to get to Lai Chi Te Hostel?

【Driving a car】
Coming from south: take Rende Interchange, then take Dongmen Road and go straight towards Tainan City, and then take Fuqian Road. At Simen Road turn right and park in the Simen Roundabout on Minzu Road. Take the alley by Yuejin Savoury Congee to the end to find Lai Chi Te Hostel. We are located in the alley next to Yuejin Savoury Congee on the Simen Roundabout.

Coming from north: take Yongkang Interchange, then take Jhungjheng South Road to Tainan City, take the Section 4 of Simen Road and head for the section 2. When you reach the Simen Roundabout at Mincyuan Road, come to Lai Chi Te Hostel through the alley next to Yuejin Savoury Congee.

Please use Google Map or your GPS navigation system to find us more easily. (You can input "Lai Chi Te Hostel" directly)

【Public Transportation in the City】
1. Tainan City Bus Stops:
Chikan Stop: please refer to the bus schedule. You can reach the stop on foot in 2 or 3 minutes.
Crossroads at Simen Road and Mincyuan Road

2. Coming by the Taiwan Railways Train:
Take a taxi in Tainan Train Station to Lai Chi Te Hostel would cost about NT$85.

3. Coming by High Speed Rail:
You can take Taiwan Railways Train's Shalun Line at High Speed Rail's Tainan Station to Tainan City's Train Station. (If you have EasyCard, then you can use it directly, and do not need to buy train ticket). In about 25 minutes you will be at Tainan Train Station.

4. Renting a scooter:
Coming out of the Back Station of Tainan Train Station, you can see Far Eastern Department Store opposite to it. You can rent a scooter nearby at you will.

5. Taxi
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