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Welcome to Tainan.Lai Chi Te Hotel
【Lai Chi Te, Away From the Ruckus of the City, A Quiet History in the Ancient Streets of Tainan】Hostel Lai Chi Te, as part of the legacy of one of the most prestigious vintage hotels in Tainan, the Yatu Hotel, breathes the glory of a once-prosper streets in a small alley at the roundabout. Surrounded by old residences, you can feel in person the vibration of old Tainan's commercial center, and pick up history scattered all over the streets. A walk through the alleys is like picking up all those gems on the ground and making a necklace out of these little precious pieces of history.
Take a short walk from Lai Chi Te to Fort Provintia (赤崁樓) through Shijinjiu(石精臼), we can read the history from the city’s streets and architectures. This is how the history lives in the city.
【Lai Chi Te. Meet the Prosperity, Tourism and Good Food of a New Tainan.】Walking out Lai Chi Te is walking into the history. On the once prosper Rice Street (Shinmei Street), you can feel the thriving energy of the old streets, which do not need over-packaging of tourism.
Walking through the Kuan-an Temple which awaits its reconstruction quietly deep in the alleys of Rice Streets. From its backdoor, we wander into local famous writer Yeh Shih-Tao's world of Shijinjiu(石精臼), a world of tasty foods, which evolved from prosperity of the past to the culinary corner of Tainan of today.
Around Lai Chi Te, there are many food stands with local delicacies. In Shijinjiu(石精臼), the milk fish congee in front of the temple, swamp eel noodle, Du Hsiao Yueh Tan Tsai noodle...In a place so full of tasty foods, Lai Chi Te is the starting point for your adventure into these snacks, as well as a place to take a rest between the delicious challenges. Near the hundred-year old Tea Shop KinTeChung(K.T.C.), in the winding alleys hides the shadow of the high roof of Founding Temple of Guan Yu.
You can also get around the roundabout, reach Tainan's toughest delicious food war zone, the Yungle Market on Guohwa Street. Here you can find the most traditional flavor of Tainan, Yungle Grilled Meat Rice, eating rice cake with a bamboo stick in Fusheng Hau, a different steamed sandwich with pig tongue in A-Song, Jinde Spring Roll, Shijinjiu oyster omelet, Shuixiangong herb tea, A-cun Beef Soup, and the No-Sign Pot Yi Noodle (There is no store sign, it shares the store with Minzu grilled meat rice), Yangge star fruit juice, native guava juice, and Yifeng A-chuan winter melon tea. The journey is definitely a great satisfaction!.
In an alley by the Simen Roundabout, enjoy Tainan's cuisine. We are not located in old streets decorated for the tourists. Lai Chi Te, please join us to ""chiter"" (""To play"" in Taiwanese).
【Lai Chi Te. Enjoy the Hearty Breakfast Just in Old Tainan】The breakfast in Lai Chi Te is not just any breakfast, it is the hearty breakfast found only in Tainan. For any question about your trip or itinerary, please call directly to 06-2221766. Stay in Tainan, stay in Hostel Lai Chi Te.
Lai Chi Te Hotel
Tainan.Lai Chi Te Hotel-Lai Chi Te Hotel
Lai Chi Te Hotel
Tainan.Lai Chi Te Hotel-Lai Chi Te Hotel
Lai Chi Te Hotel
Tainan.Lai Chi Te Hotel-Lai Chi Te Hotel
Lai Chi Te Hotel
Tainan.Lai Chi Te Hotel-Lai Chi Te Hotel
Information of the Hostel
Service:Accomodation and hostel in Tainan. Tourism information service.
Other amenities:LCD TV, wireless Internet and wired Internet access in guest rooms. Coin-operated laundry machine(For washing powder, please ask in the counter.)
【Bikers are welcome. There is safe space for the storage of your bicycle, as well as 120 psi bike pump and basic maintenance tools】
Lai Chi Te Hostel is an eco-friendly hostel, we provide: vegan bathing products. Tsaio circaea shampoo and liquid soap, hand towel, bath towel, bath mat, slip-resistant disposable sandals, mineral water, coffee and tea bag.
Due to ecological reasons, we do not offer actively disposable personal hygiene products such like toothbrush and shaving machines. If you need these products please ask at the counter.
During the first 6 days of the Chinese New Year, breakfast is not offered, and the check-in time is at 16:00, while the check-out time is at 11:00.
Details for Booking a Room
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